We are Julie and Marie, the Ant Nannies. We take care of readers big and small.

Ant Nanny is a company based in the Czech Republic whose focus is on promoting high quality books for children.  The Ant Nannies want to guide parents, teachers, librarians, and readers through the vast jungle and enormous selection of published books.  

Contact us if you are a reader or are supporting young readers. If you are interested in our work, contact us as well.


Ant nanny s.r.o.
Zdislava 160, 46353
Reg.No.: IČO: 09368825, DIČ: CZ093368825

email: kontakt@mravencichuva.cz
tel: +420-776-765-007 (Marie Podvalová)

Ant Nanny and a little courage

2,500 books for children and young people are published every year in Czech republic but that doesn’t frighten us for we know how to navigate through this number. We find and sort books that could be the right fit for a librarian looking to round out their children’s department, or for a teacher who is up against it every day but still wants to recommend the right book to a pupil, or for a parent or anyone buying a book for a child and is at a loss at the overwhelming array on offer when entering a bookstore.

It does not scare us that in our country 53% children aged 6-8 play electronic games at least once a week. Needless to say, that number goes up with age. We are not trying to compete with games to win children’s attention but at the same time we believe that a book is a powerful tool and can be a good friend to a child.

We do not shy away from such topics as death, migration, the Holocaust, or other issues affecting our present or future.  We have already recommended heavily themed books in our Thematic Thursdays and Fridays and we will include these types of books in our upcoming e-book. Children deserve to be able to find answers, as well as more good questions, to topics they will have to encounter in life.

These are primary ideas that guide the way we realise our pursuits:

  • creating content for Ant Nanny Online Magazine about children’s books that are interesting from both a visual and content standpoint;
  • creating Ant Nanny Video Channel for older children, filled with tips for young adult, fantasy, and sci-fi literature;
  • preparing Ant Nanny Book Packages where we select and group the best books and other resources on selected topics and send them to children in a beautiful package so they can discover more information and joy about subjects that interest them;
  • aggregating news from the world of children’s literature;
  • providing books and a venue for children interested in reviewing books.  So far our youngest reviewer was six and the reviews are providing some great insights into the minds of young readers;
  • doing a lot of other ant work, while trying to guide parents, teachers, and librarians through the world of children’s books.

It takes a little courage to get us out of our shell. We have found it.

Who we are

Marie Podvalová

is happiest when with her children and out in nature. She studied speech therapy and special pedagogy.  She collaborates on Ben Já Mína, a magazine for pre-schoolers. She likes reading good science books, and recently she has come to enjoy comics about modern history. She reads them with her two sons.

Julie Dominika Zemanová

is drawn to art. She studied film theory and history. For the fifth year in a row, she has been running Ben Já Mína, a magazine for pre-schoolers. She is most attracted to innovative picture books and children’s books on topics that can affect society. She likes perusing picture books with her three children.